Injured Workers

Injured Workers

AmFed's claim management team is comprised of in-house experts. Our medical director, claim adjusters, nurse case managers, and bill review department proactively work together to manage each and every claim to ensure the best outcome - for you! 



#1 - If you haven't already, report your accident/injury to your employer.


#2 - Comply with your employer’s drug and alcohol screening process.


#3 - Communicate frequently with your AmFed Claims Adjuster and your employer about your condition and progress.

        Don't know who your adjuster is? Call 800-264-8085, ext 318 to find out who has been assigned to help you. 


#4 - Make sure you attend your appointments and follow your doctor's orders. 


#5 - Remember that AmFed is here to make sure you get back to health. 


Play an active role with your team: AmFed, your employer, and your doctor, who are here to help you return to work as soon as is medically reasonable.


Plan to rejoin the workforce. Your workers’ compensation benefits replace only a portion of your wages and the longer you are off from work, the less likely you are able to return to productive employment. Being off longer than 6 months reduces your chances by 50%.


Consider a modified work schedule or duties. If you are not able to work your regular job, you may be able to receive a doctor’s release for alternative work opportunities. If you receive an offer of employment that meets your doctor’s approval and refuse, you may lose your workers’ comp income benefits.